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Our school has been awarded the eTwinning School Label 2019-2020.

Siamo orgogliosi di comunicare che la nostra scuola è stata premiata con l’ “e.Twinning School Label 2019-2020 “ per l’impegno dimostrato dal nostro Liceo come team, per l’alto numero di progetti portati a termine di cui alcuni hanno ricevuto il “ Quality label” Italiano e Europeo,per  gli eventi organizzati e la partecipazione a seminari

L’annuncio ufficiale è stato fatto sul Portale INDIRE e sui nuovi canali della Commissione Europea

“Congratulations for being an example for all the other schools: we count on your dedication and commitment to promote eTwinning and its values " 



La piattaforma europea per gli insegnanti, per incontrare colleghi, scambiarsi idee e realizzare progetti collaborativi in tutta sicurezza.

Partecipare a progetti e.twinning significa motivare e stimolare gli studenti all’apprendimento e all’uso della lingua attraverso canali  nuovi a loro più vicini


2018-2019 A trip to the past through monuments and ancient theatres

Classe 3 L

The project aims to discover our culture through historical monuments and ancient theatres.
Students will visit monuments of their countries and then they will exchange information about them, using photos, videos, PPT presentations, travel guides etc.
It would be great to create a network of schools which are well disposed toward their cultural heritage, promoting the idea of the ancient theatre in Greece and abroad.

2017-2019 Global News Magazine

Classe 1I divenuta poi 2I

Our project aims at creating a global news magazine having various topics such as health, books, animals,sports, historical places etc. It will be edited by 11-14 aged students with the leadership of the teachers. This project is a chance for our students to learn more about the global events and to follow what's going on the earth.

Periodically an e.magazine will be uploaded


Classe 4 C

In this Project, our aim is to make the teenagers aware of the wastage, use of natural sources and save up. We will carry out activities about saving up for the future.


Classe 2 F

The project aims to approach students to other cultures by travelling virtually to different towns or cities in the countries participating in it. Thus, students will learn about places, traditions, festivals, gastronomy and remarkable people in those towns or cities. Apart from learning about other cultures, the project promotes collaborative work among the students and will help students improve their competences and develop their autonomy, creativity and critical thinking.

2018-2019 What's on the menu? Exchanging food and culture

Classe 2 B

Three schools and three countries participate in this project: Senior High School of Tinos (Greece), Simone Veil Vocational High School in Angers (France) and Scientific High School Democrito (Italy). Students of the three schools interact in Twinspace. They present themselves, the town/ island they live in by uploading on a padlet platform their photos of their favourite places, they describe shortly some special traditions or upload traditional music. Consequently, working in teams, they write down a traditional food recipe, implement it and present its preparation (through presentations or videos) to the other schools’ students. Finally, students try to make the other countries’ recipes, taste their food and, thus, have a taste of their culture.


2017-2018 Teaching Shakespeare's Hamlet

We would like to teach a classic play by Shakespeare, Hamlet, by taking into account various relevant aspects and themes, like dramatic theory, characters, setting and plot. We would also like to approach the topic in a creative way, making students act out different scenes or do writing tasks connected to the plot and many subplots.

Certificato di qualità

Questo progetto è risultato vincitore del Quality Label Italiano ed Europeo

2016- 2018 progetto con classi Cambridge 1 L - 1 E

Co2Co - Conflict to Cooperation

Progetto e.twinning legato al progetto Erasmus+

certificato di qualità

2011- 2012 progetto con 2B

3 I's - Interaction, Interdependence and Interculturalism

OBIETTIVI :  To develop awareness of intercultural understanding through interaction and interdependence

RISULTATO FINALE: a colourful map of Europe, PowerPoint presentation of the project, website for the project.

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